To be in present tense

The verb être(to be) in the French language is an irregular verb and we need to learn its forms by heart. 
Complete each of the following sentences with the correct form of the verb be.  

1. Les crayons _________ dans la trousse.

2. Tu ________ espagnol?

3. Il _______ de Skopje.

4. Elles _________ contentes.
ополни со точната форма од глаголот être во сегашно време.
5. Elle _______ à Paris.

6. Je _______ en vacances en France.

7. La table ________ ronde.

8. C' ________ super!

9. Moi et Paul, nous __________ étudiants.

10. Marie et Paul __________ dans le jardin.

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