Nicolas’s bedroom

There are lots of room decoration games online but for online learning or classes requiring network access, technical issues can cause major problems (the computers are old, slow, limited in memory, incompatible with current software, and so on.) (You are really lucky if your computers work!) 

So, that is why I made this game. Give your students the worksheets with the empty room, the furniture (you can cut out the furniture so it will be easier for the students and for you) and the instructions in French. They work in groups and they need to understand the instructions and decorate Nicolas’s bedroom. You can check if your students can understand simple instructions with furniture vocabulary and prepositions of place. They need to glue the furniture in the empty room. In the end you check up the answers, compare and declare the winner! 

Try this game with your students and please write me about your experience! 

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Nicolas's bedroom

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